Interactive Storytelling and Picture Painting

For The Artist In Your Child from ages five to eleven years old, and beyond



A collection of tales, written as a series of adventures where enchanted characters make their wishes come true by daring to take a challenge and venture into their dreams and the unknown, where characters learn to become who they truly want to be.



➢ Settings are designed in line drawings to complete by the child and to color in as well as add items, characters and dimensions

➢ Drawing Instructions are provided to select from to help guide the child through each adventure and become illustrators of their own world and the world of each character
➢ A Portrait Page is presented at the end to give the child an opportunity to portray their own personal visual portrait of what each character looks like, their clothes, expression and the tools they use during each individual adventure



A Writing Page, “Tell Your Own Story”, is offered at the end of each story to encourage the child to write their own original version of the story and to make up what happens to the child and the character while they interact with the character and story they have created



The child will enter the magical world of The Little Dreamers and JOURNEY to a place where the reader of a completed story can participate by becoming an artist and then a writer, as well as a creator of their own main characters and story line.